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Selected Publications

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Selected Publications

Epifanova, E., V. Salina, D. Lajko, K. Textoris-Taube, T. Naumann, O. Bormuth, I. Bormuth, S. Horan, T. Schaub, E. Borisova, M.C. Ambrozkiewicz, V. Tarabykin, and M. Rosario. 2021. Adhesion dynamics in the neocortex determine the start of migration and the post-migratory orientation of neurons. Sci Adv. 7.

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Ambrozkiewicz, M.C., E. Borisova, M. Schwark, S. Ripamonti, T. Schaub, A. Smorodchenko, A.I. Weber, H.J. Rhee, B. Altas, R. Yilmaz, S. Mueller, L. Piepkorn, S.T. Horan, R. Straussberg, S. Zaqout, O. Jahn, E. Dere, M. Rosario, P. Boehm-Sturm, G. Borck, K.I. Willig, J. Rhee, V. Tarabykin, and H. Kawabe. 2020. The murine ortholog of Kaufman oculocerebrofacial syndrome protein Ube3b regulates synapse number by ubiquitinating Ppp3cc. Mol Psychiatry. April 6.

Ambrozkiewicz, M.C., M. Schwark, M. Kishimoto-Suga, E. Borisova, K. Hori, A. Salazar-Lazaro, A. Rusanova, B. Altas, L. Piepkorn, P. Bessa, T. Schaub, X. Zhang, T. Rabe, S. Ripamonti, M. Rosario, H. Akiyama, O. Jahn, T. Kobayashi, M. Hoshino, V. Tarabykin, and H. Kawabe. 2018. Polarity Acquisition in Cortical Neurons Is Driven by Synergistic Action of Sox9-Regulated Wwp1 and Wwp2 E3 Ubiquitin Ligases and Intronic miR-140. Neuron. 100:1097-1115 e1015.

Schuster, S., M. Rivalan, U. Strauss, L. Stoenica, T. Trimbuch, N. Rademacher, S. Parthasarathy, D. Lajko, C. Rosenmund, S.A. Shoichet, Y. Winter, V. Tarabykin, and M. Rosario. 2015. NOMA-GAP/ARHGAP33 regulates synapse development and autistic-like behavior in the mouse. Mol Psychiatry. 20:1120-1131.

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Rosario, M., R. Franke, C. Bednarski, and W. Birchmeier. 2007. The neurite outgrowth multiadaptor RhoGAP, NOMA-GAP, regulates neurite extension through SHP2 and Cdc42. J Cell Biol. 178:503-516.

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