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Research Group Electron Microscopy and molecular Neuroanatomy (Prof. Veh)

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Research fields of the Electron Microscopy and Molecular Neuroanatomy Group

The group of Prof. Dr. Rüdiger W. Veh is broadly active in the field of neuroanatomy and neurocytochemistry with the following major areas:

  • Regional, subregional, cellular, and subcellular analysis of emotion-related brain areas emphasizing the mammalian habenular complexes
  • Regional, cellular, and subcellular analysis of the distribution of ion channels in the mammalian brain
  • Role of the polyamine system (spermine, spermidine, agmatine) in the mammalian and human brain
  • Analysis of autoimmune processes among patients with NMDA receptor encephalitis and other neurological disorders

The major aim of Prof. Dr. Veh´s group is to deduce potential biological functions and dysfunctions from the morphological and chemical organization of neuronal entities.