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Selected Publications

  • Klammer M.G., Dzaye O., Wallach T., Krüger C., Gaessler D., Buonfiglioli A., Derkow K., Kettenmann H., Brinkmann M.M., Lehnardt S. UNC93B1 is widely expressed in the murine CNS and is required for neuroinflammation and neuronal injury induced by microRNA let-7b. Front Immunol 12, 715774 (2021).
  • Raden M.*, Wallach T.*, Miladi M.*, Zhai Y., Krüger C., Mossmann Z.J., Dembny P., Backofen R.* & Lehnardt S.* Structure-aware machine learning identifies microRNAs operating as Toll-like receptor 7/8 ligands. RNA Biol 9, 1-10 (2021). (*equal contribition)
  • Schroeder P., Rivalan M., Zaqout S., Krüger C., Schüler J., Long M., Meisel A., Winter Y., Kaindl A.M.* & Lehnardt S.* Abnormal brain structure and behavior in MyD88-deficient mice. Brain Behav Immun 91, 181-193 (2021). (*equal contribition)
  • Wallach T., Wetzel M., Dembny P., Staszewski O., Krüger C., Buonfiglioli A., Prinz M. & Lehnardt S. Identification of CNS injury-related microRNAs as novel Toll-like receptor 7/8 signaling activators by small RNA sequencing. Cells 9, E186. doi: 10.3390/cells9010186 (2020).
  • Buonfiglioli A., Efe I.E., Guneykaya D., Ivanov A., Huang Y., Orlowski E., Krüger C., Deisz R.A., Markovic D., Flüh C., Newman A.G., Schneider U.C., Beule D., Wolf S.A., Dzaye O., Gutmann D.H., Semtner M., Kettenmann H.* & Lehnardt S.* let-7 microRNAs regulate microglial function and suppress glioma growth through Toll-like receptor 7. Cell Rep 29, 3460-3471 (2019). (*equal contribution)
  • Derkow K.*, Rössling R.*, Schipke C., Krüger C., Bauer J., Fähling M., Stroux A., Schott E., Ruprecht K., Peters O. & Lehnardt S. Distinct expression of the neurotoxic microRNA family let-7 in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with Alzheimer's disease. PLoS One 13, e0200602 (2018). (*equal contribution)
  • Rosenberger K., Dembny P., Derkow K., Engel O., Krüger C., Wolf S.A., Kettenmann H., Schott E., Meisel A. & Lehnardt S. Intrathecal heat shock protein 60 mediates neurodegeneration and demyelination in the CNS through a TLR4- and MyD88-dependent pathway. Mol Neurodegen 10, 5 (2015).
  • Rosenberger K., Derkow K., Dembny P., Krueger C., Schott E. & Lehnardt S. The impact of single and pairwise Toll-like receptor activation on neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration. J Neuroinflamm 11, 166 (2014).
  • Lehmann S.M., Krüger C., Park B., Derkow K., Rosenberger K., Baumgart J., Trimbuch T., Eom G., Hinz M., Kaul D., Habbel P., Kaelin R., Franzoni E., Rybak A., Nguyen D., Veh R., Ninnemann O., Peters O., Nitsch R., Heppner F.L., Golenbock D., Schott E., Ploegh H.L., Wulczyn F.G. & Lehnardt S. An unconventional role for miRNA: let-7 activates Toll-like receptor 7 and causes neurodegeneration. Nat Neurosci 15, 827-835 (2012).
  • Lehmann S.M.*, Rosenberger K.*, Krüger C., Habbel P., Derkow K., Kaul D., Rybak A., Brandt C., Schott E., Wulczyn F.G. & Lehnardt S. Extracellularly delivered single-stranded viral RNA causes neurodegeneration dependent on TLR7. J Immunol 189, 1448-1458 (2012). (*equal contribution)
  • Lehnardt S. Innate immunity and neuroinflammation in the CNS: The role of microglia in Toll-like receptor-mediated neuronal injury. Glia 58, 253-263 (Review) (2010).
  • Siffrin V., Radbruch H., Glumm R., Niesner R., Paterka M., Herz J., Leuenberger T., Lehmann S.M., Luenstedt S., Rinnenthal J.L., Laube G., Luche H., Lehnardt S., Fehling H.J., Griesbeck O. & Zipp F. In vivo imaging of partially reversible th17 cell-induced neuronal dysfunction in the course of encephalomyelitis. Immunity 33, 424-436 (2010).
  • Lehnardt S., Schott E., Trimbuch T., Laubisch D., Krüger C., Wulczyn G., Nitsch R. & Weber J.R. A vicious cycle involving release of heat shock protein 60 from injured cells and activation of toll-like receptor 4 mediates neurodegeneration in the CNS. J Neurosci 28, 2320-2331 (2008).
  • Lehnardt S., Wennekamp J., Freyer D., Liedtke C., Krueger C., Nitsch R., Bechmann I., Weber J.R. & Henneke P. TLR2 and caspase-8 are essential for group B streptococcus-induced apoptosis in microglial. J Immunol 179, 6134-6143 (2007).
  • Lehnardt S., Massillon L., Follett P., Jensen F.E., Ratan R., Rosenberg P.A., Volpe J.J. & Vartanian T. Activation of innate immunity in the CNS triggers neurodegeneration through a Toll-like receptor 4-dependent pathway. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 100, 8514-8519 (2003).
  • Lehnardt S., Lachance C., Patrizi S., Lefebvre S., Follett P.L., Jensen F.E., Rosenberg P.A., Volpe J.J. & Vartanian T. The Toll-like receptor TLR4 is necessary for lipopolysaccharide-induced oligodendrocyte injury in the CNS. J Neurosci 22, 2478-2486 (2002).